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This story begins when I was a teenager. My mother and I were doing the dishes a few weeks before Christmas. She asked me what did I want for Christmas and I replied, “A dog.” There was a pause and she said “What else do you want for Christmas?”

I was a child that grew up in several homes. My mother, a young widow, went to work and we lived with “relatives.” The only pets I ever had for any length of time were guppies. The green baby chickens were given away when they started to fly out of the box. We had a canary until I knocked the cage over and my grandmother had to use chloroform to put the bird down.

At nineteen I got married and my husband and I moved to Seattle. What did I want as a new bride for Christmas? Well, a dog, of course. At this point we lived walking distance from a pet shop. My husband bought a puppy - a Pekingese. This male puppy was six months old and a son of the Best in Show winner Ch St. Aubrey Argus of Wellplace who was a son of Ch Ku Jin of Caversham. Why was this puppy and its littermate in the pet shop? It happened that the breeder of this litter of two males became hospitalized and her husband gave the puppies to the pet shop. A bit of luck came to my door. I called him Santa.

Santa was an outstanding puppy from excellent bloodlines. I began to read books on the breed, attended a dog show and generally fell in love with the breed. Little did I know that this would become a life long passion.

This was the time of the Vietnam war and shortly my husband was transferred to Germany. I didn’t know at the time that I could take my dog on a plane so my Grandmother agreed to become the surrogate parent for two years. While living in Sandhausen, Germany I quickly realized that life was empty without a Pekingese. We contacted the Caversham kennel in England, but by 1966 they no longer were breeding and selling dogs. So locally we found a kennel that had to order a Pekingese from Denmark. This puppy, though a descendant of Ch Goofus Bugatti, was no show dog. He, however, was true to the breed and quickly became the love of my life.

After two years in Germany my husband was discharged from the Army and we returned home to the Pittsburgh area where we both had our roots. My grandmother had become very attached to “Santa” and it was fine as I had imported my Danish dog who was emperor of the house.

My grandmother died only a few weeks after my return to Pittsburgh and the night she was admitted to the hospital I took her dog home with me with promises to take “good care of him.” My grandmother had a favorite chair that she sat in with the dog on her lap. This chair was taken to our summer cottage for lack of a new home. The following summer we opened up the summer place and having our dogs with us, never thought of the connection: As we unpacked our “stuff” I noticed that my grandmother’s dog was sitting on the chair and shivering. Something in his sense of memory of Nanny came through, and the sense of loss was brought home again.

The Western Pennsylvania Kennel Association show was my first attempt to go into the ring. I had gotten the entry form and with the help of another Peke owner, I entered my import in the Novice Class. Sam was the only dog in the Novice Class that day and I was extremely proud of the blue ribbon and silver plate he won. Weeks later I received a letter from the AKC explaining that an imported dog could not be shown in the Novice class. I had to return my ribbon and trophy and my win was declared invalid. Not knowing anything about points, etc. I don’t know how my mistake must have affected the winners that day.

The Allegheny Pekingese Club, Inc. began as my brain child. It was a spin-off of my growing passion for Pekingese. In the Pittsburgh area there were clubs for Poodles and other breeds that were loosely associated with the WPKA (Western Pennsylvania Kennel Association). At the naive age of 23 I thought I could do it. I contacted local friends who also had Pekingese they thought the world of. The initial meeting was held at my house in Jeannette. Those that showed up were given titles. I was president, George Krapp was vice president, Ruth Geary, secretary and Richard Cullen named treasurer. John Brewer and Ray and Bonnie Malzone were board members. Our first order of business was to give our club a name. Allegheny was chosen so that it could include Pekingese people from outside the Pittsburgh area. It was also first on the list if breed clubs were put in alphabetical order. (LOL)

I sent out letters to the Pekingese owners I knew in Erie, Canton and State College asking for support. Our dues were $2.00. Considering this we had to make some money to get our feet on the ground. I wrote to the AKC for guidelines to form a breed club. We modified the outline and our bylaws were adopted.

Next we began to plan our first fun match. It needed a place that would be conducive to setting up a ring and a place people could gather. Ruth Geary knew of a community centre that could be used in Eldridge, Pa. So that become the home base of our club.

Our first fun match was a bigger success than we had expected. We had people come from as far away as Ohio. Ruth and I cooked a spaghetti dinner. Because of that we were able to make a few extra dollars for our treasury. For ribbons, we made our own with ribbon from a craft store. We had trophies donated. So all in all our first effort was a big success. We had picked up a few new members from the surrounding area. The word spread. APC was here!

Monica Brewer, my daughter, made her first entrance into the ring here in the Junior showmanship class with her dog “Bonnie.” Given the dog and a lead and entrance to the ring, she made her first steps into the world of dog shows. She was two years old.

In the coming years we had moved forward to AKC “B” then later “A” matches. On a roll.

I remember a particular fun match held at the Scrubgrass Cottage in Emlenton, PA. Since this had easy access from I-80, many more interested Pekingese enthusiasts from Ohio attended. There was lots of food. As I remember it was a beautiful sunny day. Everyone was in good spirits. It was this sense of shared love of the breed that brought the APC into the forefront.

It was my intention that when the president’s term ended it would pass to the vice-president and so on. George Krapp declined and Richard Cullen became the next president. Under his direction the club flourished. Minor and Dee Kelly from the Monroeville area joined our group as did Pat Artledge and Ken and Marlene Rotella.

In 1973 I moved from the Jeanette area to Lock Haven, PA. At the time the APC held its first point show I was unable to attend, though Richard Cullen twisted my arm. I have continued to give my support to the APC with entries at its specialties and as sweepstakes Judge at the show when my friend Sadie Stagg, Chophoi Pekingese, came from England to judge.

In 1976 we moved to the Linden area in a new house we built on Wyn-d-hill. It gave us room to expand our breeding program. Our foundation bitch, Chophoi Carousel, we imported from England on Thanksgiving day 1977. With the advice of Michael Wolfe she was bred to Bracewell Giacomo. She gave us Panda, a wonderful brood bitch and a parti-color. We sent Panda to Patty Mullendore (Metzger) to be bred to Ch Muhlin Boogaloo. They gave us 4 females which began the wonderful basis for our later champions. We had a male in Panda’s litter that died so Patty gave us “Butt” who later became group winner. BIS winner Ch Muhlin Magician of Wyn-d-hill.

In 1985 I went on a study trip to China with a group of professionals studying health care in Mainland China. There I met my soul mate, Hamp Hoffman. In 1987 we were married after the divorce from Jon McCracken and the dissolution of the kennel at Wyn-d-hill.

I continued breeding on a small scale with a litter of two champions, Ch Hyacinth’s Merlin of Wyn-d-hill and Ch Hyacinth’s Ariel of Wyn-d-hill. Patty Pytlack gave us the rebirth of our Wyn-d-hill line with the gift of a daughter of Ch Wyn-d-hill’s Mighty dragon who was a son of the great Ch St. Aubrey Laparata Dragon.

In 2002 Hamp was diagnosed with lung cancer after many years of smoking. He died holding my hand in March 2003. I was faced with an unknown future. I had 7 Pekingese and a cat. Monica was married and lived in Germany. She had continued with the dogs and bred her first litter in Germany from a daughter of Ch Hyacinth’s Merlin of Wyn-d-hill and a champion of Lorna Kruse’s who was a descendant of Ch Wyn-d-hill Black Magic, a sister to “Butt.” German Ch Wyn-d-hill’s Magic Pixie was Monica’s first European Champion, followed by her son, German Jungen Ch Wyn-d-hill’s Amazing Feet.

After Hamp’s death, I applied online for a job in Europe with the Defense Department and was hired with a phone interview. In a few weeks I was on to Holland with three of my dogs. Int Ch Wyn-d-hill’s Enchantress, AKC Ch Hyacinth’s Merlin of Wyn-d-hill and Wyn-d-hill Magic Slipper who was a daughter of Joyce Letzkie’s Ch Tawzi’s Golden Ninsi Dragon down from Ch Mike Mar’s China Dragon. I found forever homes for those I couldn’t take on my new adventure in Europe.

While living in Holland, we imported a parti bitch from Gwenn Nash, Katering’s Pekingese. This became the beginning of a friendship that continues to this day. Though 13 hours by plane from Frankfurt to Portland, Oregon, we began a partnership of sorts where we would exchange puppies and bring new stock to Europe. Int Ch Katering’s Magnum Opus came to Europe to be shown and won many CACIB’s and finished his championship here. He then returned to Oregon. We still have kids from this line being continued here.

Lorna Kruse gave us the privilege to bring AKC Ch Foursome’s Knoble Rainbow to Europe to compete. He left behind his children and grandchildren to add qualities to the Wyn-d-hill stock not available here. Also of mention is Chownese Time Will Tell, a sleeve male that came to Europe and has made his forever home with our friend, Jackquline Marks. His son Int. Ch Wyn-d-hill Itsy Bitsy Spyder, is now retired after winning back-to-back Bests in Show in Germany and Group placements.

Arlon Duit, a long time friend, agreed to let us have one female of a litter of five black and white parti puppies. This was Lon-Du Patch Me Thru to Wyn-d-hill. Patch whelped a litter of four partis (one a blue and white). Two in the litter have finished their German Championships.

Meanwhile, Arlon co-owned AKC Ch. H.T. Have Gun Will Travel (Tiger) with us. Tiger easily completed his International Championship. To our pleasure, Tiger carries the black and white parti gene and has given us four white puppies. Tiger has given us such wonderful qualities to add to our breeding program. His son, AKC Ch Wyn-d-hill Rock Star, left get behind in the Lon-Du kennel: several parti-colors yet to make their debut into the ring in the USA. “Bubba” having returned to Germany, has won 5 best of breeds some over champions and is on his way to his International championship.

This brings us pretty well up to date. We imported Yakee This’ll Do Nicely from Bert Easdon. She went on to Become an International Champion, German National Champion and Deutche Club Champion. She gave us one puppy, Ch Wyn-d-hill Kamelot Parti at the Round Table. He has sired such notables as Grand Ch Wyn-d-hill Quintessential Parti owned and handled by Marilyn Dudley.

To date we have finished ten International Champions as they compete in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Romania and Spain. Int Ch H.T. Have Gun Will Travel and Int Ch Wyn-d-hill Itsy Bitsy Spyder have competed at Crufts. Two more of our bitches, Ch Wyn-d-hill Restless Black Night and International Ch Wyn-d-hill Masterpiece, qualified for 2015 Crufts.

As I look back on 50 years in Pekingese, I could not have achieved a modicum of excellence without the true partnership of my daughter, Mickey (Monica). She has worked on all aspects of the effort to breed, raise and show our dogs to their success. She has handled her dogs at Westminster, Crufts and Internationally with a flare not seen frequently here in Europe. She has forgotten more than some people will ever learn about dogs. So I can take credit for only some of the accomplishments of Wyn-d-hill. I have spent 50 of my nearly 70 years with Pekingese. She has done so for her entire life.

This may be the end of this article, but not the end of the story.